The Four Radical Transformations

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This includes your Diet/Determination, Environment, View/Perception, Motivation

What you will get:

  • A 16 Page Print-Out that has your Gate/Line/Color/Tone
  • 1 Video on your Specific Diet Type-this is information on how to eat right by design
  • 1 Video on your Specific Environment live class recording 
  • 1 Video on your Specific View Type live class recording
  • 1 Video on your Specific Motivation Type live class recording

Bonus videos:

  • On how to read your advanced chart
  • What is Human Design Diet?
  • What is Human Design Environment?
  • What is Motivation
  • Overview of Perception

This part of Human Design teaches you the correct way to eat and the environment to live in.  Once you have mastered these you will be able to access the proper way to View the world and align to your correct Motivation. According to Human Design, we are all homogenized to live and eat based on the rules of society, yet we are all designed to eat differently and live differently.  Learning your unique way to digest food and life sheds insight on the conditioning around how we eat as a society and finally gives you the freedom to eat correctly AS YOU!

Once you place your order, you will receive an email from us to collect data, so that we may run your Advanced Human Design chart.  Our team personally does this so please have patience. We will need to collect your birth information including birthdate, time, place.  This will be held privately on our personalized software never sold or shared.

Please click here to READ THE TERMS governing your use of Raquel and Davidian's classes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Briana Jones
The Ribbon on the Gift

I personally knew a lot about my variables but the way Raquel explained it sealed my gifts with a bow. Now I know how to tie everything in and understand what areas I am in and how to work my way into where I'm suppose to be. I cant wait to put my new knowledge into experiments and see what works the best since its endless ways to do things. For me that's very exciting coming from a 1/3 profile lol. You won't regret it! Invest in yourself.

Alain Schuster
what it brings

Before i learned of the four radial transformations i was aware of a little part of what drags me down in life. Now i can manoever the more difficult water with more ease and now i am in the flow.

Kristine P.
Life changing magics

I had a decent grasp of my chart going in, but this has blown my mind all over again! Even if i hadn't known the first thing about the transformation, I'd have been blown away. The ah-ha's keep coming. I'm so gratefully appreciative of Raquel and her magics :) worth every penny!

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