About Us

Foxy5D is a high-vibe spiritual boutique for the self-mastery minded modern-day mystic.  

We create and cultivate all of our products to empower, support, and supply those light and shadow workers on our fractal, who wish to stand and stay in their power.

Human Design is a favorite tool of ours, so it’s definitely in the mix, as well.

A little about us, the two behind the Foxy5D vision...

We are what you might call Human Design geeks!  We totally geek out on HD!

Raquel is a Human Design Revolutionary Teacher who runs a Creative Coaching Certification for Human Design Specialists, as well as the Four Radical Transformations Certification, where people can learn life changing intel, to and catapult to new levels of growth and expansion for themselves and their clients, friends, and loved ones they learn to read charts for.  Raquel has her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology and is certified in several Human Design, as well as coaching certifications.  She is here to lead, guide, and direct to awaken those willing to look inside, live their design, unleash their genius and step fully into their mastery.  She has shared the stage with Marianne Williamson, David Wolfe, Laura Hollick, and others, and has been featured in Spiritual Badass magazine and ShoutOut LA.  She was also featured on the cover of Spiritual Biz Magazine and was a spokesperson on The View and Tyra Banks show, for the corporate company she once worked for.  

Davidian Lyon, is your friendly neighborhood raison d'être provocateur, pointing his clients towards who they are. A modern-day mystic and certified transformational Human Design Guide, who left a high-powered 6-figure corporate career, to live more authentically as the unique Individual he is.  An ally to his high-end clients in the fight to find their "soul" purpose, he helps translate their Human Design birth chart into actionable intel, to awaken their unique potential, empower them to discover their own capital T TRUTH, shed their conditioned reactions, and operate correctly as themselves.  
He and Raquel share their insights on their YouTube Channel: Raquel and Davidian Unleash Your Genius, where you can find insights on what Human Design is, including your unique Aura Type, Inner Authority, information on your Centers, and so much more!  
Join us on our YouTube Channel HERE: https://bit.ly/31FAsze​

You can  learn more about getting your free Human Design chart, receiving a personalized reading or purchasing one of their educational programs under the EDUCATION tab.

We are so honored to connect with you and assist you in showing off your unique and badass GENIUS!