Terms Governing Your Use of Raquel and Davidian's Digital Media, Classes,Modules, and Courses

With the purchase of a Raquel and Davidian Human Design course, you enter an agreement with Raquel and Davidian that governs your use of the class, module, or course (or other type of digital media) and your access to it:
Refund Policy For Digital Content / Digital Media
There are no refunds for any of the digital content or digital media sold.

Extent of License
• You may use the class and the resources it offers for your own personal and professional education.
• You shall not share or display the class or portions of it without written consent of Raquel and Davidian.
• You shall not make recordings of the classes, courses or modules.
• You shall not resell the class or transfer your membership to another individual.

• Username and password are issued exclusively to you and may not be transferred to anyone else.
• Please keep them safe from any unauthorized use.
• Raquel and Davidian may occasionally change the password without notifying you. If you chance upon a locked class, that you have purchased, you'll be issued a replacement upon request.

Raquel and Davidian may change, update, expand or delete content of a class without notification.

As long as Raquel and Davidian does business and your class, course, module, or other type of digal media is offered, you will be granted access to it (unless otherwise specified*).
*certain types of content, due to its low pricing, is only provided to view for a finite period as expressly specified. 
These terms have last been updated May 18, 2023.