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The 64 Gates (Downloadable PDF)

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When you first see your Human Design Chart, we suggest you explore your unique Aura Strategy and Inner Authority first.  We feel there is no faster way to dramatically change your life for the better. 

It is AWE-inspiring.  

Next, you want to look at your Defined and Undefined Centers.  The journey through the Centers is deeply explored in the book, "Are You a Mutant?

Following that, the next step is going through your Circuitry and then you will want to explore the Gates, which are the codes that come directly from the I-Ching. This correclation is so deep and intriguing.  

Out of 64 possible Gates, you have 13 Conscious Gates and 13 Unconscious Gates and if you would like to have a helpful, quick-reference cheat sheet with a one-sentence description for each Gate, as a jumping off point, then there is no better investment than spending only 5 bucks to do so!

This short, informative guide will assist you in understanding the conscious (black) and unconscious (red) energies you are carrying, that heavily influence how you are experiencing your life.

Are you ready for this level of self knowledge?

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Michele Arundel
Easy to understand

Having additional information has helped me deepen my understanding of HD. As someone relatively new to it with a thirst for knowledge, I like to have as much information to hand as I can. ( PLUS, I am a reflector, and that's hard enough to navigate as it is)