Human Design LIVE 1-On-1 Guidance (Over Zoom)

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Human Design is such a huge piece of the puzzle and solve's a massive chunk of the mystery that is YOU!  

This is LIVE guidance, via Zoom. We will be sharing cyberspace together and I will be showing up to support you in living a more fulfilling life with MUCH less resistance & many more positive outcomes!

Learn how to trust yourself again and make correct life decisions without your mind's interference. Together, we will uncover the areas that are dimming your brightness. 

A session is 60 minutes.

Are you ready for this?

Here's what you will learn during your session:

  • Your personalized Strategy for Success, Satisfaction, Joy, Peace, and Awe at the beauty and majesty of life!

  • How to make decisions that are correct for you, based on your unique Design (and not your Mind). This is how you can start trusting life again!
  • Your unique SUPERPOWERS (what you are here to bring forth) and your KRYPTONITE (what you are receiving from the outside world and where you are particularly vulnerable to outside influence and conditioning)!

Once you place your order, you'll receive an email from us to collect your birth information including birthdate, VERY precise birth time, and place of birth, so we may run your chart. 

Upon receiving your email, we will set up the date and time for your session (with your input of course). 

Subsequent sessions, if you are so inclidened, are a bit of a departure from the norm. I describe my process as "PROVOCATIVE SHADOW POKING / LOWER EXPRESSION TESTING", wherein I look at your chart and quiz/poke you in particular RELATIONSHIP and/or BEHAVIORAL areas, to detect where you may be stuck or simply spending more time than ideal in lower frequencies allowing you to take note, pivot and course-correct, and/or stay stuck and comfortably numb, but at least knowingly.  🤔

Undoubtedly, you will not be in your lower expression in many or most of these areas, however there may be a few places where you are indeed lurking in the lower regions and having these insights, when it's correct for you*, can be very helpful in getting unstuck!

*Your Strategy & Authority will clue you into whether ANY insights are correct for you.

Align with your unique DESIGN, watch your life transform, and travel much lighter through your life!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jason Demchok
The Guidance I've Been Searching For

I am so grateful to have discovered Human Design and add another powerful tool to my human optimization tool box. Learning is one thing, but being guided by a master of the art is another and Davidian is clearly that master. In just my first session, without pause and hesitation he revealed tendencies and potential patterns, as well as superpowers that are hidden within my subconscious mental chatter. He has given me great confidence that there isn’t something “wrong” with me, but instead has given me a roadmap to actualize my innate gifts and fulfill my life’s purpose. The more I learn about Human Design and work with Raquel and Davidian, the deeper I want to dive into this eloquent and accurate system.

Brandon M.
Powerful Results Beyond Measure!

There is one way to know if Human Design is real and resonates with you, that comes first by being honest with yourself, second, if the information resonates with how you have lived your life up to this point, and third, if you feel you are interested in living life in the way that you were designed to achieve the best possible success in all areas of life as possible. No one is doomed, no one has a bad design, everyone has a purpose, we are all unique, but we are all still connected. Raquel & Davidian from Foxy5D and YouTube are two of the most genuine and amazing people I’ve been blessed to work with, get to know, and call great friends. They have a unique way of reading and interpreting your design that can help you focus on the healing, understand unanswered questions you’ve pondered all of your life, and bring clarity and a road map design to living your best life possible in all areas. Taking multiple modalities older then modern civilization, this process has never failed to resonate with anyone I have shared it with, and those that pursue Raquel and Davidian are further blown away by what they gain. Save years repeating the same harmful patterns, and create your absolute best life possible in pursuit of that which you feel at your core is possible, but have yet to see how to get there!

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