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IMPORTANT: Remember to note your birth time in military time (24-hour clock). So for instance, 7:10PM will be written as 19:10 (not 07:10, which would indicate AM).

ALSO IMPORTANT:  AFTER YOU RUN YOUR CHART, if by some glitch, your CHIRON and BLACK MOON LILITH placements do not show up, simply refresh the page (note pic below) and the newly refreshed page will include them like MAGIC!

Our FREE HUMAN DESIGN CHART now includes the Conscious and Unconscious CHIRON and BLACK MOON LILITH Gate placements! 

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But while you are here, on this page, please enjoy these videos describing what your Chiron and Black Lilith Gates represent in your Human Design chart.

We celebrate your arrival. May everything you experience here gracefully help you reach your next highest vista!

Blessings galore and Good Journey,

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