Splenic Projectors

As a Projector in Human Design, your Strategy for Success, is WAITING TO BE RECOGNIZED for what you have to offer and INVITED to share your knowledge or gifts.

That’s your Strategy for maintaining your ideal trajectory... AKA the protocol you must follow to experience that ever-elusive sense of fulfillment. 

Since you have limited “worker” energy, and can easily burn out in a 9 to 5 type job setting, it’s a very good idea, if you are not already, to become an expert in something, so you can become a paid consultant of sorts and be paid a full-time wage while working part-time.

As for your Inner Authority, which is how you make a correct decision about your life, your Authority is SPLENIC, which is the oldest and most existential forms of awareness that is totally rooted in survival… not just survival in general, but survival in the NOW. 

It involves the lymphatic system. Imagine little tongues, noses, and ears all over your entire body, detecting your environment. For most people, it is not an easy Authority to master, because it’s very very quiet and speaks before thought. 

After it speaks its counsel, which at first is difficult to hear over the clamor of your mind and the emotions you may be absorbing from others.

After it speaks its counsel, it often does not repeat itself, so one really needs to stay present for its whispered insights.

It may take a bit of time to shapen your awareness to hear it, so you may heed it. 

With the Spleen, things are more generally a YES, until it’s a NO and that NO can be sudden and even violent, but must be obeyed. 

When your Spleen is saying NO, it is saying that the particular thing, person, or circomstance is endangering your health. 

Remember, though, it’s a fickle friend and may not detectably warn you again, insisting you listen the first time or you are basically on your own.

If you are not following your PROJECTOR AURA STRATEGY, though, then understand that your INNER AUTHORITY is unreliable, as its accuracy is directly correlated to your AURA STRATEGY, which again comes first!

Before you explore your Authority too deeply, you really need to master level one first or your level 2 will be #2 (if you get my drift).