Self-Projected Projectors

If you have SELF-PROJECTED INNER AUTHORITY, which is rare, less than 3% of the population has it, that means that your SOLAR PLEXUS, SACRAL, SPLEEN, AND EGO ARE ALL UNDEFINED. You likely have other Undefined Centers, like the Root, but that Center is not directly associated with another Inner Authority.
Having this Inner Authority also means that you are a Projector in Human Design, so it’s important to fully grasp what that means first as an Aura Type and Strategy, because following your AURA STRATEGY comes before honoring your inner authority.
Otherwise garbage in, garbage out.
If you are not following your PROJECTOR AURA STRATEGY then understand that your INNER AUTHORITY is unreliable, as its accuracy is directly correlated to your AURA STRATEGY, which again comes first!

Before you explore your Authority too deeply, you really need to master level one first or your level 2 will be #2 (if you get my drift).