Mental Projectors

Human Design Mental Inner Authority, Mental Projectors

As a Projector in Human Designyour Strategy for Success, is WAITING TO BE RECOGNIZED for what you have to offer and INVITED to share your knowledge or gifts.

That’s your Strategy for maintaining your ideal trajectory... AKA the protocol you must follow to experience that ever-elusive sense of fulfillment. 

Since you have limited “worker” energy, and can easily burn out in a 9 to 5 type job setting, it’s a very good idea, if you are not already, to become an expert in something, so you can become a paid consultant of sorts and be paid a full-time wage while working part-time.

When it comes to having Mental Inner Authority, which is also called “Outer” or “None”, the Human Design chart will show no Definition (meaning the Centers are not “colored in” beneath the Throat Center. These Projectors will get guidance from their environment and need to discuss and process their decisions out loud with other people. 

The environment is key, like other Undefined G-Center people, if they are in the wrong environment…one thatfeels ‘off’ for them, if they remain there, they will attract the wrong people and the wrong situations.  The environment plays a very key role and is consideration # 1, before Strategy & Authority.

As mentioned earlier, technically this is sometimes referred to as NO AUTHORITY.  This is because primarily their authority is ‘Outer Authority. Their insights and guidance are meant for the other and not to lead, guide and direct their own life  Yet, when they are making decisions for themselves, they must understand the frequency with which they are discussing the right invitation.  It helps to talk to at least three people at three different times (different days) and feel the tonality of the words they use when sorting through a decision.  After time, and speaking to their chosen sounding boards (people who can listen without giving advice), they will begin to come to a clear decision.

There is of course much more to know about this.

But remember, if you are not following your PROJECTOR AURA STRATEGY, though, then understand that your INNER AUTHORITY is unreliable, as its accuracy is directly correlated to your AURA STRATEGY, which again comes first!

Before you explore your Authority too deeply, you really need to master level one first or your level 2 will be #2 (if you get my drift).