Emotional Projectors

As a Projector in Human Design, your Strategy for Success, is WAITING TO BE RECOGNIZED for what you have to offer and INVITED to share your knowledge or gifts.

That’s your Strategy for maintaining your ideal trajectory... AKA the protocol you must follow to experience that ever-elusive sense of fulfillment. 

Since you have limited “worker” energy, and can easily burn out in a 9 to 5 type job setting, it’s a very good idea, if you are not already, to become an expert in something, so you can become a paid consultant of sorts and be paid a full-time wage while working part-time.

Your Authority is Emotional, which means a few different things. #1, it's not good for you to make snap decisions or be spontaneous. Sleep on important decisions or delay big decisions for as long as possible. Get used to something being 70% yes or no instead of 100%. If something feels like a maybe, it really should be a no, if forced to decide. Also, you can stop attaching stories to why you are feeling what you are feeling and just rest in the fact that this is what you are feeling now, because of where you are in your emotional wave. Honor yourself. Make time for how you are feeling. Never fake it, because it's crazy making for non-emotional types to feel your down wave and see a fake smiling face. Down wave (melancholic) moments are very creative spaces, so allow yourself to authentically feel what you are feeling and know it will pass. It can be terribly inconvenient, but there really is nothing you can do about it except accept it and spend the time appropriately.  

If you are not following your PROJECTOR AURA STRATEGY, though, then understand that your INNER AUTHORITY is unreliable, as its accuracy is directly correlated to your AURA STRATEGY, which again comes first!

Before you explore your Authority too deeply, you really need to master level one first or your level 2 will be #2 (if you get my drift).