Guidelines for Certification

These are the guidelines around the marketing, selling, and conducting / incorporating Human Design sessions, based on your certification.  

These are the current standard guidelines around this education.  Ultimately you must check with your own Inner Authority on what is correct for you in this process, but the following presumes that you have completed each level, upon successful completion of each given level’s final project, assigned by Raquel Reyna.  Upon doing such, you will be acknowledged and listed on our website for being a graduate of that given level.

IMPORTANT:  Please note that although the LEVEL 1, 2, and 3 courses are a pre-requisite for eventual certification, many people only want the information and are not interested in official certification. If you ARE insterested in being certified and officially recognized, and want your class to be officially recognized towards your certification, please note that successful completion of an assigned end-of-LEVEL project will be required, so that we can confirm you understand the material covered. 

LEVEL 1 completion** Creative Coaching Certification for Human Design Specialists who have completed LEVEL 1:  This aligns with the Living Your Design information.  This information is a basis to integrate some Human Design tools into your already existing coaching practice.  You can look at charts and decipher the impact of Aura Type, Strategy and Inner Authority and the 9 Centers (Defined, Undefined, and the healthy and unhealthy aspects of each).  We suggest you do not teach, sell, or do complete chart readings at this level.  This is the basic, foundational level of Human Design. 

LEVEL 2 completion**  Creative Coaching Certification for Human Design Specialist who have completed LEVEL 2:  Here you can add the integration of the Circuitry and the distinction between the RED (Body - Design) and the Black (mind - Personality) into what you are already doing with your clients. This means you will have the basic understanding of Aura Type and Strategy from LEVEL 1 and the Circuitry and RED/BLACK training from LEVEL 2.  You can conduct sessions based on these two areas for your clients, however we recommend that you do not charge for full chart readings, until you have finished LEVEL 3.

LEVEL 3 completion** Creative Coaching Certification for Human Design Specialist who have completed LEVEL 3: Here you learn about the Gates, the Channels, and Lines of the Hexagram. Not only are you then able to add these incredibly impactful insights to your palette of previous levels of intel, but upon completion of this level, you are able to charge for Human Design sessions. You'll also learn deeper ways to utilize this intel in your life... LIVING IT! 

IMPORTANT: You must successfully complete the LEVEL 3 final project/assignment with Raquel, before you will officially be certified and recognized by the Creative Coaching Certification.  We usually send PDF certifications for LEVEL 3. 

After receiving your certification, the eventual fee you charge for your services may depend upon your other business qualifications, but typically it's around $200 per session or you may want to create a package of multiple sessions for a variable fee with perhaps an optional a la carte fee for ongoing email support that includes your coaching expertise.  

LEVEL 4 completion  LEVEL 4 is the Master Teacher Level.  In this level we teach the branding, marketing and selling of your Human Design services, and how to creatively integrate this into your business, along with how to market and sell through online launches and videos. We also go over the Incarnation Cross and the Global Cycles, at a detailed level by Gate.  We also cover BUSINESS BY DESIGN and the different types of sessions you can do for a client. We review how to do life readings, transit readings, business readings, relationship readings, life purpose readings. This is more of a Masterclass, with directed conduct based on the needs of the group. Once you complete LEVEL 4, you will receive a hard copy certificate via mail or email.

**It is your responsibility, as a student to reach out to us, after your purchase, and make your certification intentions known. Otherwise, we will presume you are only interested in having the education for your your own personal expansion.

We highly encourage you to complete your education, before you start teaching, marketing or doing videos on Human Design.  This allows for the information to come out into the public, after you have studied, experimented, integrated and completed your education. 

These are the guidelines, and you are welcome to do what is correct for you, but if you want to be acknowledge as a graduate, you must adhere to these guidelines.  The intel really takes experiential learning, integrating, and practice doing readings, before bringing it out to the public as an integration of your knowledge.

If you want to share about your journey with your community, please let people know you have not completed your certification process yet, but you are working on it.  This holds up the integrity of the work and the power of your education.

Throughout the entire process of getting certified you can do free readings, or very discounted readings as long as you let everyone know you are not certified, but are actively working on your certification. We will not acknowledge, promote, or endorse anyone who is teaching, leading, or doing Human Design sessions without their certification and please reach out to Raquel via our contact form, if you are interested in certification and wish to receive your end-of-level final project.  

IMPORTANT: Please note that your certification does not grant you powers to certify others.