Join our 5D family and get a 15% off discount code that you can give out to people + you'll earn a 10% commission for each sale that your refer via affiliate discount code.  The more you sell the more you earn!

Although that 15% discount is only applicable towards physical products and not our sessions or digital products, as an affiliate you still earn the 10% commission, for anything ordered.

We also have a friendly competition for the ambassador that sells the most! They will be recognized by becoming the Foxy5D model represented on our website... our associated social media face! 

We will choose a winner, based on sales, 4 months after our initial launch.  Every 4 month interval, we will confirm our current sales leaders and recognize a new winner, if necessary.  So everyone has a chance to be represented.

After we receive your ambassador application, we will reach out to you, if you are hand-selected to partner with our visionary tribe, in this manner.
We want this to be a HIGH-VIBE WIN-WIN for all!



Who Gets Approved for the Foxy 5D Ambassador?


We are selecting from a pool of those people we sense-feel are aligned with the Foxy5D vision and vibe.  You must be over 18. 


How do Ambassadors get paid?

You must have a PayPal account, in order to qualify, as that is the method by which we pay our ambassador commissions.  On a bi-monthly basis (2x per month), we pay out commissions, to your Paypal account, when your total commissions, for that period, exceed $20.


Where may I promote Foxy5D products?

You can promote Foxy5D products on any of your social media sites. You simply need to be sure to use your assigned ambassador link for the product or products you are promoting. You may also choose to send out emails to your community of friends, family, fans, and clients and/or do LIVE videos; reaching out to those who are equally aligned with our high-vibe vision.


How is the sales competition aspect handled?

As mentioned above, every 4 months, our ambassador who has the highest sales in $, in that period, will be recognized on our Foxy5D website, as our top ambassador. As such, in honor of their rank, we will collab, create and sell a shirt, uniquely designed by the winner and Foxy5D, that honors the winner and promotes their own high-vibe vision. This shirt may be a message unique to the winner that may be popular to their own community of friends, family, fans, and clients, but will contain the Foxy5D logo somewhere on the shirt. Foxy5D will make a final determination, as to the content of the message, to insure it meets with the same high-vibe. This shirt will also be entitled to applicable ambassador commissions, until a new Lead Ambassador is chosen ( if applicable), during the subsequent 4 month period.


May we all, to the best of our individual capacity, raise the vibe around us, so we may all enjoy a World of rising love, compassion, and consciousness.

Big Love and Blessings Galore,

Raquel & Davidian, owners of Foxy5D