30-minute pre-recorded Human Design personalized guidance, based on your specific question or area of interest..


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This is an alternative to having a Live One-On-One Session, yet potentially just as powerful, as I will be directing my gaze on your Human Design chart, based upon your specific question or particular area of interest.

I feel you'll be pleasantly surprised at the breadth of material this 30-minute personalized video will contain.  A lot of work goes into creating your personalized movie and it can be particularly impactful, as the curated imagery helps us slip past the gatekeeper, and drive my aura points home.

Having the additional sybology also makes it easier to metabolize your chart material that I am sharing... so that we may more quickly empower your passenger consciousness. It is my intention that it will hit you in a novel way to tweak, and on occasion thwump, any conditioned understandings of yours back into form.

I promise it will be delicious tasting medicine and, if it's correct for you, may allow you to fast-track back onto your correct course.

If you enjoy my video teaching style on YouTube, then you have an idea of what’s in store.

If you're after more general guidance, such as wanting greater clarity of your Aura Strategy, Inner Authority, or your more basic Aura Mechanics, I will assist, however, it is also cool if you want me to train my gaze on a specific area you would like me to focus in/on, given the limited 30-minute time-frame.

If you choose, this can also be a lite SHADOW-POKING session, in which I can cover some of the territory we would traverse in a longer, live session. Please refer to my one-on-one sessions, for more info on SHADOW-POKING.

If you have any questions, please reach out via our contact form.

Please note that once I obtain your birth details, it will take me approx. 1 week to sit with your chart and your question and another week to create your video recording, so please allow 2 weeks for delivery, after your order has been processed and you've provided your birth details. 

Whatever you decide... good journey.



Customer Reviews

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All I thought when it was over was wow. There were so many AHA moments while I was listening. I have more of an understanding of why I do things the way I do. Some others I did not realize I did until it was highlighted in the reading. This is the beginning for me and I am very excited to dive into Human Design while waiting for the signs.

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