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Human Design Monthly Dream Mitote Ceremony (one month)

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Human Design Monthly Dream Mitote Ceremony (one month)

A powerful event that may radically change your world!

This is an all-night sacred dream ritual, that will be carried out LIVE one time per month on Zoom.

Your purchase is entry for one monthly ceremony (one Mitote). If you wish to continue participating, in subsequent Mitote ceremonies, please purchase again.

You will be given a discount code after your first purchase, that will give you 20% OFF on future Mitotes.

A little about what this entails:

When we sleep, we go unconscious and most people bring stress, and fear, and are deeply conditioned in their dream state.

I was trained by shamanic nagual teachers on how to hold for the dream Mitote ritual.  I have led over 50 dream Mitotes but for the first time, I will be offering these experiences virtually.  And, in addition, I will be offering this amazing ceremony with the Human Design Dream Rave knowledge which will be included in these amazing events.  This is a monthly gathering NOT TO BE MISSED!

Each monthly Mitote will take place on a Saturday evening. Please be flexible with start times until we discover how to do these events virtually.  Once you sign up for the Mitote, you will be sent an email with directions as well as start times.  If you can not make it to the Mitote live, you will be able to use your Mitote for the following month.  There will not be any recordings of these events. This will literally be an ALL-NIGHT ceremony.  If you are in Europe or Australia please let us know via email and once we have a big enough group we will set up a separate time for you.

Dream Rave is a study of Human Design where we dive into who you are as a dreamer.

Learning this opens you up to a new level of dream awareness and protection from the inevitable homogenization that happens during Dreamtime.

Together we will explore the dream realms, the Type of dreamer you may be, and how we integrate this information to assist us in our life and our sleep.

I LOVE DREAMS, but for years I have been so confused by the messages that I shut down this amazing gift. Now, studying dream rave I understand what was happening in these dream realms. So join me in this amazing LIVE Mitote EVENT.  

The dream Mitote is a ceremony developed by the Toltec Shamans, it is a ceremony to awaken the dreamer to higher more conscious realms while they sleep.  You might wonder if you will get enough rest during an all-night ceremony.  So, please note because we will be reaching higher Gamma brainwave states you will feel more relaxed and rested than you would normally feel when you sleep in Theta or Delta sleep states.  You will be refreshed the next day.

Why is dreaming so important? So, glad you asked!

Learning about your Dream Rave and experiencing Shamanic Dreaming has so many practical applications (yes, I am a Line 5 it has to be practical).

  • It teaches you where you are most vulnerable in your not-self theme
  • It shows you how you can connect to the other realms for guidance and insight
  • It teaches you how to ignite your purpose in your waking life
  • Opens the door to massive creativity
  • Provides insights, wisdom, and education from the higher realms
  • Opens the psychic, clairvoyant, mediumship gifts
  • Teaches you how to manifest through lucid awakenings
It is an incredible piece to de-conditioning and living your truly ignited awakened self.  If you need creative ideas for life, for your business, for the expansion of your soul's gifts, if you are ready to awaken your spiritual gifts, psychic abilities, clairvoyance, and healing abilities all of these gifts get tapped in when we awaken in the dream realm.

Very much looking forward and inward to seeing you there! 

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